Collaboration with Baker brun

I collaborated with Baker brun to create prints for father’s day cakes. These were sold all at all their cafes in Bergen and one in Oslo.
It’s so much fun to see my artwork printed on cakes, and these cakes are really delicious! Contact me if you are interested in similar collaborations!

A short film about the first year with a baby

A video that sums up the first year being a mom, so much joy but also so hard at times. They are all from my new Norwegian book “Full pupp” It’s hard to translate it to english. The literal translation would be Full boob, but it’s got double meaning ” Full speed” or milk bursting. It doesn’t have much text so you can buy it from my website and you will understand most of the drawings.

I will now produce a lot of videos for youtube. Make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss any updates Youtube channel

Where’s the baby?

This supercute photo was send to me on Facebook by Roberta Popa. The illustration is in my new book “Full Pupp”. It’s only in Norwegian at the moment. Please keep on sending me your baby photos in instagram or Facebook messages. If you have a funny situation I haven’t drawn yet, I might make a sketch of it:)

10 babies with long hair

Last week I posted the image above of my son and and I received so many photos of other babies with cool hair:) Check these out!!


Photo above: instagram @hstonemorris


Photo above: instagram @hilalustuncaner


Photo above: instagram @em_mariouma

Photo above: instagram @lonamilafashion


Photo above: instagram @hansenlinn Photo credit:@prima.foto

Photo above: instagram @o.w.e.n.s.m.o.m.m.y

Photo above: instagram @xmalene

Photo above: instagram @nadjanade






Flashback to the same time a few years ago, and I was building my nest in preparation for the arrival of my first baby! I cleaned the whole house, decorated the baby’s new room, and bought a lot of baby stuff that I never needed. See some of my stories in my book “I’m so pregnant”.

Mother’s day gift

Buy my new book on

In this collection of funny illustrations that perfectly depicts the awkward and uncomfortable realities of pregnancy—because creating a tiny human isn’t just sunshine and smiles.

Being “a little bit pregnant” may not be a thing. But being “so pregnant”? It’s so possible. In this hilarious book, I  delivers the often ignored, but always honest truth about those magical—and sometimes messy—nine months of pregnancy.

From morning sickness that lasts all day to weird dreams that last all night and heartburn that just won’t quit, I’m So Pregnant perfectly captures what it is really like being pregnant. Unlike strangers touching your belly, these playful and adorable cartoons will touch your heart and give a whole new meaning to “belly laugh.”

Give this book to an expecting mom for mother’s day or baby shower. Buy it on

Pregnancy feeling

I asked you on instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago what your pregnancy feeling is. This illustration is based on this comment: Pregnancy feels like a turtle stuck on my back when trying to get out of bed! 😀 I totally agree..


Bestseller on Amazon

Yesterday I found my book on Amazon’s bestseller list for Parenting Humor, pregnancy and comic strip!
Also I was number #1 New release in both Comic strip and Parenting & Families Humor!
It’s soooo exciting! So of course I had to screenshot this, and I will put it in a frame on hang it on the wall 😉



Happy Mother’s day

Here are some photos from the stand we had yesterday at Bergen Storsenter.

Here I am wearing my new T-shirt from my webshop

A close-up of the beautiful stand with decoration from Kremmerhuset


Multitask mom cake:)

Supermom cake


Almost all of the cakes were sold out when we left 🙂

The cakes are created as a collaboration with Baker Brun.

Morsdagskake i Bergen


I will write this one in Norwegian because it’s being sold only in Bergen for now. It’s a collaboration between me and a bakery. Contact me for similar collaborations!

Byens kuleste kake til verdens beste mamma finner du på Baker Brun. Jeg har samarbeidet med Baker Brun om å lage trekk til de herlige marsipankakene deres til morsdag! Man får kjøpt disse morsdagskakene på alle bakeriutsalgene deres fra 10. februar. Nå på lørdag finner du meg og Baker Brun på Bergen storsenter med et tegnebord til barna og gratis kaffe til mødre fra kl 12-15. De kjører også en konkurranse hvor du kan vinne en diamantring 😀