I asked you on instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago what your pregnancy feeling is. This illustration is based on
Yesterday I found my book on Amazon's bestseller list for Parenting Humor, pregnancy and comic strip! Also I was number
Here are some photos from the stand we had yesterday at Bergen Storsenter. Here I am wearing my new T-shirt
I will write this one in Norwegian because it's being sold only in Bergen for now. It's a collaboration between
It's not every day you find your work on Sheldon Cooper's fan site! 12m followers! 😀 So had to share
En video publisert av 👩🏼 Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) onsdag 07. Des.. 2016 PST
Et bilde publisert av 👩🏼 Line Severinsen (@kosogkaos) tirsdag 22. Nov.. 2016 PST Be careful the kids learn fast hehe;)
I love these images send to me by Joanna Da Cruz!! If you have a collage, send it to me
Be prepared, morning sickness can strike anywhere! 😷I was so afraid that I would throw up on the way to