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Flashback to the same time a few years ago, and I was building my nest in preparation for the arrival of my first baby! I cleaned the whole house, decorated the baby’s new room, and bought a lot of baby stuff that I never needed. See some of my stories in my book “I’m so pregnant”.

Mother’s day gift

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In this collection of funny illustrations that perfectly depicts the awkward and uncomfortable realities of pregnancy—because creating a tiny human isn’t just sunshine and smiles.

Being “a little bit pregnant” may not be a thing. But being “so pregnant”? It’s so possible. In this hilarious book, I  delivers the often ignored, but always honest truth about those magical—and sometimes messy—nine months of pregnancy.

From morning sickness that lasts all day to weird dreams that last all night and heartburn that just won’t quit, I’m So Pregnant perfectly captures what it is really like being pregnant. Unlike strangers touching your belly, these playful and adorable cartoons will touch your heart and give a whole new meaning to “belly laugh.”

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Pregnancy feeling

I asked you on instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago what your pregnancy feeling is. This illustration is based on this comment: Pregnancy feels like a turtle stuck on my back when trying to get out of bed! 😀 I totally agree..


Pregnancy diabetes