Book trip to Oslo

Last week I was in Oslo to go to a signing at book presentation at Ugla bar, party at Aschehoug’s hagefest, and then TV2 “God Morgen Norge” early next day and straight to Leker og Mer “coolest toy store in Oslo”. It was pretty hectic!! I was only away for a bit more than 24 hours.

Me snapping to my friends that I got to Aschehoug on the minute! I was so nervous the plane would be delayed. Everything was timed perfectly!


At the party I first met Cecilie Hauge Ågotnes. This year she has published the book: LavFODMAP på reise, and then I met with blogger Casa Kaos – Marte Frimand Anda. This is her book: Føkk lykke 


I was so lucky to meet Tusvik and Tønne again. We met on TV2 “God Morgen Norge” the  week my cartoon went viral.


Too much vine later and no sleep, I went to TV2 at 07.30am, to get my makeup done. A little extra to cover up from the night before 😉


A snap from my friend Maria Viktoria Solem, I look so uncomfortable haha
Luckily I was in studio with Helle Bornstein. She is super nice so it all went well 😀



We talked about the pressure to lose weight right after giving birth and my new book. They showed this selfie drawing on TV. Another snap from Maria 🙂


A snap from Oda from the book store Ark:)
You can also buy one from my website