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About me

Hello! My name is Line Severinsen and I am a illustrator, animator and UX designer residing in Bergen, Norway. I studied animation at Emily Carr University in Vancouver Canada. I Currently work at Keyteq as a UX Designer / media artist.

In 2012 I started this cartoon as a personal diary when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very exited to have the experience of carrying a child, and started to live healthier and prepare our house our little girl’s arrival. Soon I started noticing how the media painted pregnancy in such a glorious light, completely leaving out many of the negative things that many women experience. My experience was not exactly like those you read about! I grabbed my pencils, and got through the pregnancy with a good dose of humor and self-irony. When I saw my baby for the first time, it was completely worth it! Now I have two awesome kids:)

I shared my cartoon online, and the blog soon became popular. It was published each month in a magazine called “Mamma”. Lately my cartoon has been written about in over 100 online magazines / newspapers and viral sites such as The huffinton Post, Metro, TV2 and so on.

Read a selection of articles here

At the moment I have over 170k followes, and just published my first book with Aschehoug about the joys and struggles with pregnancy. Its Norwegian, I will have an english on out soon. Follow my social media profiles for more info soon. The book is a great gift for someone who is pregnant or who wants to take a trip down memory lane. “read about it here in Norwegian “Julegave til gravide

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Instagram: @kosogkaos
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16 replies to “About me

  1. Hej… Super fede illustrationer! Jeg kunne vildt godt tænke et billede af mig og mine tre børn – hvad koster det? Og skal du bare bruge et billede af os hver? Vh Caroline

    • Hei, beklager veldig sent svar. Jeg har ikke hatt mulighet siden tegneserien gikk viralt til å ta på meg noe. Om du fremdeles er interessert, kunne du tenkt deg en tegning lik tegneserien?

  2. It looks perfect! Your cartoons are good medicine for a better mood!!

  3. Hey Line,

    Your illustrations are pretty thoughtful & cute. I liked most of them.

  4. These cartoons are great! The after birth selfie and the cow are my favourites. Thanks for a few funny minutes this morning 😀

  5. I have seen your cartoons and i love it, it makes me feel in a good mood, i’m a mom too and I am doing an event here in México about moms and babys.

    I want to contact you and invite you to make business with me about your fan page, i am good doing events but i dont have any idea about doing cartoons or what ever of drawings, so if we coordinate this you can have moré followers, but please read this and let me know.

    An apologise for my bad grammar .

    • Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been able to take on anything besides the cartoon because I have been on a maternity leave. What did you have in mind?

  6. like your cartoon so much 🙂
    wish to you all good luck 🙂

  7. Your cartoons crack me up. I have two kids as well, my youngest is 10 months old. I’ve been in those situations and remember them well. It’s nice to look back on them now and have a good laugh. 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them:) My youngest is under a year as well

  8. You’re cartoons are very funny! I totally can relate to all of them…Made my day:)

  9. Thank you for making me laugh!! Great cartoons, loved it!

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